Progressive Versioning Scheme

This scheme was designed to:

  • reach properties single sourcing from the POM (so to automatically fill based on POM properties)
  • to be able to use Maven SNAPSHOT capabilities during development
  • maintain a senseful progressive order in the versions and builds

and had to overcome the following shortcomings:

  • Alfresco Module Packages (AMPs) versions cannot contain letters (therefore no -SNAPSHOT is allowed)

For this the AMP version (in the is filtered to be equals to:



  • noShapshotVersion --> is anything before '-SNAPSHOT' in the current POM version, generated by the maven-no-snapshot-plugin
  • buildNumber --> is the buildNumber generated by the maven-buildnumber-plugin from the SCM information for your project, or defaults to 1 if no SCM was configured

Custom Versioning Schemes

You can always maintain your version manually and remove the plugins invocations from the generated POMs.