AMP Lifecycle Mapping

This plugin provides support for packagingamp/packaging type of projects.
Lifecycle of an Alfresco modules is mapped in the file:

This build produces an Alfresco compatible AMP as main build product. It supports (being derived from maven-war-plugin) overlay of modules and transitive AMP dependency packing.

An AMP depending on one ore more AMP will package those AMP in the final product of the build: overlays can be configured same as in . A plain zip UnArchiver is used for this overlay.

AMP -> WAR Unarchiver

The default UnArchiver (role-hint="amp") used by the default maven infrastructure for .amp files is a custom UnArchiver which behaves as the MMT, unarchiving AMPs in the proper places as dictated by Alfresco AMP convention . This little component allows any plugin to manage .amp dependencies in case the maven-amp-plugin is declared with extensionstrue/extensions in the current POM, basically supporting AMPs in Maven with no need for custom external tools like MMT.


AMP Artifact Handler

Instructs maven which type of Archive is the AMP, providing info about its inclusion in the classpath or the fact that already contains its dependencies.