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You've reached the ( http://maven.alfresco.com/nexus/content/repositories/alfresco-docs/maven-alfresco-lifecycle/plugins/maven-amp-plugin ) Maven Alfresco Extension archetype home page (version: 3.0.2)


This plugin defines a lifecycle for Alfresco ECM Modules packaging (.amp), handles AMP transitive dependencies from AMP and WAR projects, providing a more enterprise oriented support alternative to the Alfresco MMT (module management tool) usage. It is used by maven-alfresco-amp-archetype in order to package and test run an AMP and by the maven-alfresco-extension-archetype to depend transitively upon AMPs and WARs. It is a modification of the org.apache.maven.plugins:maven-war-plugin of which it uses the whole core infrastructure. See $site.url for more info


Deployed at: http://repository.sourcesense.com/maven2/org/alfresco/maven/plugin

Maven usage:

                                <!-- Used to have AMP lifecycle available -->

using this pluginRepository (either in POM or settings.xml) :